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a couple of large cracks in the garage room floor

The Causes of Foundation Problems

Expansive Soils

The most common reason for a foundation failure is due to settlement.  Settlement occurs when the soils dry out during warm weather conditions where there is a minimal amount of rain.  The soils shrink and are no longer able to support the foundation.  The soils beneath your foundation do not shrink evenly which causes soft areas beneath your foundation and allows the foundation to settle and crack or break.

Tree / Landscaping Shrubs

Many landscaping designs include large shrubs or trees next to your home’s foundation.  Although the landscaping looks fantastic next your home, if the landscaping is not properly watered over time, the trees and shrubs will rob the soil around your foundation of its moisture.  In times of minimal rain or drought landscaping shrubs significantly compound the lack of moisture problem and can accelerate a foundation settlement problem.  Always water your landscaping shrubs even in wet conditions to keep your moisture content of the soil around your home at a consistent level.

Poor Drainage

Homes that have clogged or inefficient gutter systems oftentimes have foundation problems other than settlement.  Many times when the a home has a poor exterior drainage, water and moisture builds up in the soil around your home and creates a “heavy soil” that is capable of pushing in a basement wall and create horizontal cracks in your basement walls.  Unfortunately, once the foundation walls have been cracked or compromised addressing the drainage problem is only a portion of the repair.  The foundation cracks must be addressed in order to keep future water out of the basement.

Plumbing Leaks

In some cases plumbing leaks beneath your home can have a negative effect on the soil as there is a washing out or erosion effect that occurs when water is constantly moving beneath or around your foundation.  Once the soil begins to erode the soil can no longer support the weight of your home and foundation settlement occurs.

Poor Compaction

At the time that your home may have been built, soil may have been brought in to raise the elevation of your home.  If the soil is not properly compacted during the construction process, future settlement can occur as the soils settle naturally beneath your home.

If you think you have foundation issues, call 844-338-5311 and we will send a foundation expert to conduct an evaluation and give you solutions to prevent further damage.