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Man repairing a wall of a foundation

Foundation Repair Method

When you begin to see your foundations loosen, break, or develop cracks, it is about time to have them repaired. These telling signs mean that this part of your home’s structure has sustained heavy damages and/or has worn out because of age. Ignoring them is not an option and it is in your best interest to have them fixed immediately, because if you don’t it is highly likely that your whole building will be affected as well.

Why Choose Foundation Rescue Team?

Here, at Foundation Rescue Team, we know everything that is connoted to your property’s foundation and its repairs, to give every property – be it residential or commercial – the benefits of having their foundations fixed. Our network of independently owned foundation and structural repair contractors, are well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to give you the best services, at an affordable price.

We also do more than just repair your building’s foundations. Our company also offers:

Types of Foundation Repairs

Depending on the damage your foundation has sustained, and the material it is made from, our team of expertly trained professionals may consult any of these repair methods:

Injection of Polymer

Polymer, is a special type of expanding foam. In the right hands, it can not only raise the concrete of your home but also, strengthen the soil surrounding it.

Mud Jacking/ Slab Jacking

This method works well for all types of concrete slabs and sidewalks. Our repairers will pump liquid concrete beneath a settles slap so that it will be able to raise this area and fill the voids. This method has been used for a long time, so it can be trusted.

Repairing of Shotcrete

With this method, concrete in spray form will be used over a reinforced armature. When this happens, any brittle surface will become solid and stable. This method can also be used to build both permanent and temporary retaining walls.

Construction and Retaining Wall Repairs

Using one of any of these two methods will depend on your foundations damage. To strengthen this structure of your building, we can design and/or build new retaining walls or repair damaged ones by using wall anchors. In some cases, we might need to do a little excavation to improve the drainage behind the walls.

Underpinning the Foundations

Using steel piers, we will bypass weak soil directly beneath your foundations and connect it to a solid load-bearing strata at a greater depth.

Joist Support in Crawl Spaces

To provide a solid mid-span support, we can install steel posts beneath the central beam in your home’s crawl spaces or basements; and since it is adjustable, it is possible to make a sagging floor level and sturdy once more.

Root Barriers

To reduce the chances of roots protruding into your foundation, we will cover your foundations with a solid object, sheets of material, or chemically treat the surrounding soil.

Foundation Waterproofing

If you want to reduce the amount of moisture and/or liquid from coming in and out of your foundations, we recommend to have this place waterproofed. A simple French drain and sump pump system will do just the trick.

House Levelling

Sometimes, the property has been built on terrible soil and is causing its foundation to weaken. To remedy the situation, we will use piering and underpinning techniques to connect the building’s foundation with a much stable soil at greater depths.

If your foundations are in need of professional repairs, give Foundation Rescue Team a call at: 844-338-5311 or by visiting our contact page here.